How big should a chicken coop be?

How big should a chicken coop be
Chicken coop sizing can be tricky. Aim for 3-4 sq. ft. per bird inside, prioritising outdoor space for natural behaviours. Read our guide to give your flock the optimal space for their wellbeing.

Many keepers think you need 3 or 4 sq. feet per bird INSIDE the coop.

Some coops claim to meet this metric by including perches and nest boxes in their calculation, while others don't. So ‘How big should my coop be?’ is not an easy question to answer. 

If you wanted 4 sq. feet for 8 birds, you would need a coop that is 32 sq.feet! To give you an idea, just for the size of it, it's the footprint of a king-size bed! A big coop of this size would be very heavy, costly to make, and nearly impossible to move or transport in your garden.

Coop Purpose

It seems that people think chickens use coops like we use houses, which is why these types of coops exist. Keeping water and food inside the coop like we do can attract unwanted pests. 

Here at Nestera, we have designed our coops with chicken welfare at the very core. We use our deep understanding of chicken physiology, behaviour and ergonomics to  ensure our coops meet their needs.

Nestera coop capacity

We stay updated on global research about the well-being of chickens. This helps us ensure that we have the most current information available for their overall welfare. The UK and Europe have high levels of animal welfare, legislation and scientific understanding.

As a result, we use 1 sq. foot of coop space, per bird, 8" perch space and access to a nestbox.

This may seem smaller than you are used to but there is methodology behind it. Chickens only need their coops to roost and lay eggs. ALL their other behaviours take place OUTSIDE.

Stretching, flapping, preening, pecking, scratching, foraging, mating, running, jumping, dust-bathing and so on. They don't choose to be inside for any of these. They are animals that live outdoors and just need shelter for a fraction of the day. You can give your flock a safe space outdoors with our secure run.

Outside space and enrichment is so much more important than inside space. Try to think of the coop as a bedroom instead of a house. To invest in your flock, spend your money on a high quality smaller house and a predator-proof larger run, should you desire.

If you decide you want to provide more space for your birds, that is your right. We appreciate that our coops won’t be the perfect choice for everyone. Check out what the pros say about our coops.

If you want to make a bigger coop, think about whether they need extra warmth in freezing weather. Also, consider how to give it to them safely. Flocks stay warmer when they huddle in a small coop instead of trying to heat a big shed with extra space.

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